Syncing in Style at the NSW State Competition

Congratulations to the 50 competitive and recreational swimmers that participated in the NSW state synchronised swimming competition. It was a lot of fun for everyone and the Emeralds wowed the judges in almost every category. The results are below, congrats everyone.


Recreational: Our recreational team

  • Best Smiles: Sydney Emeralds – Little Mermaids, coach Susy
  • Best Traveling: Sydney Emeralds -Saturday Intermediate, coach Amanda
  • Best Execution: Sydney Emeralds – Precomp, coach Vicki
  • Most Difficult: Sydney Emeralds -Friday Night Intermediate, coach Susy


  • Best Execution & Best artistic Impression: Monday night adults team, coach Vicki

13-15 solo

  • 1st place – Kiera Gazzard
  • 4th place – Tasha Lim

Junior Duet

  • 1st place – Erica Li and Jodie Ah Chong

13-15 Duet

  • 2nd place – Pam Kurosawa and Genevieve Parsons


13-15 Results

  • 1st – Kiera Gazzard
  • 2nd – Pam Kurosawa
  • 6th – Genevieve Parsons
  • 10th – Tasha Lim
  • 11th – Nina Leeper

Junior Figures

  • 1st – Kiera Gazzard
  • 2nd – Erica Li
  • 3rd – Jodie Ah Chong