NSW State competition is just around the corner

All of the Emerald swimmers are invite to participate in our state competition on Saturday March 18th at Monte Sante Angelo Pool.

The schedule can be found on the state website www.synchronsw.com

Look out for an email from head coach Vicki for your teams specific details.



Everyone needs a little glitz and glam in their lives!

And the Emeralds provided just that at the Breakfast point country club last week. The girls wowed the audience in bright red suits and beautiful flower caps. The theme of the party was 1960’s summer fun.

The Emeralds performers train at the competitive level which is very technical and complex. The swimmers are required move very fast close to other swimmers  while holding their breaths. However, the summer 60’s performance was very different, it is all about recreating the classic style of the sport from over 50 year ago.  The first synchronised swimmer is in fact an Australian from Marrickville named Annette Kellerman.  The Emeralds didn’t have any swings or glass bowls but these pictures proved the Emeralds did justice to the original classic synchro style.



Feel free to message us if you are looking for synchronised swimmers to perform at your next event.



The Olympics may be over, but our competitions are just getting started for the year!

imageAustralia demonstrated a stunning free routine inspired by the flora and fauna of Australia. The routine highlighted emus, crocodiles, kookaburra and more. The National team has 4 more years until the next Olympics but we only have 3 weeks until our next competition.

The Sydney Emeralds are hosting our first annual figures competition on September 10th 1pm to 4pm at Monte Sante Angelo pool. Ask your coach about your specific schedule.