Beginner Class – Lil Mermaids (10 weeks) 

1 ½ hour practice, once per week

This program is for swimmers aged 6+ and is based program. Swimmers will be divided into teams based on their age and synchro/swim ability.

As a basic requirement we ask that swimmers are able to swim 50m unassisted in freestyle and backstroke before they join a class. 


The emphasis in this class is on synchro and swim skill development in a fun and supportive team environment. 

This class is an introduction to recreational synchro swimming and focuses on the Star 1 and 2 synchro skills set out in the Star Program. Swimmers will be learnt to a set of different synchro  basic skills that are taught through progressions and repetition through both in-water and dry-land activities. Swimmers will incorporate these skills into short fun routine accompanied by music.

Newer swimmers will concentrate on learning fundamental synchro skills. More advanced swimmers will be challenged by coaches who introduce new skills once the basics have been mastered.

Beginner Synchro Events:

  • T1: NSW States –  Skills (Star Program) assessment (March)
  • T2  Have Fun event (June)
  • T3: Skills (Star Program) assessment (September)
  • T4: Christmas Water-show (December)