Come and Try

Do you or a family member love swimming, dance or gymnastics? Artistic Swimming brings out the best in all three sports, culminating in intricate movements in the water accompanied by music.

As the largest club in NSW, our complimentary Come and Try sessions offer the perfect opportunity for you to learn some exciting and new skills and make some new friends! 

At the Sydney Emeralds, our Come and Try sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities, however please indicate your swimming and dance background in the registration forms so we can better place you.

All you need to do is fill out the registration form below and bring your favourite swimsuit! Swim caps and nose clips are available for purchase at the Come and Try session. 

TERM 1 FREE TRIAL is available now!


To book into a free trial, you will need to REGISTER first! Please select TRY ARTISTIC SWIMMING as the Registration Type.