Intermediate Class (10 weeks) – Star 2+ Synchro skills

2 hour practice, once per week

Swimmers must be 8+ yrs of age to participate in this program and are ideally suited to swimmers who have done synchro with us before.
As a requirement is to pass Star 1 and Star 2 level before to join this class.GOAL:
Through both in-water and dry-land activities, all swimmers will work on building strength, stamina, flexibility, and teamwork while they strengthening swimming skills and develop skills of increasing difficulty.

This class is a continuation of the beginner program. Swimmers will work on progressing through a set of new more difficult Star 3+ skills that allow them to perfect the technical aspects of skills as they develop and progress through the levels. Swimmers will incorporate their skills into basic routine accompanied by music

This class is a perfect starting point for swimmers who are thinking to join the competitive stream.

Intermediate Synchro Events:

  • T1: NSW States – Skills (Star Program) assessment (March)
  • T2 Have Fun event (June)
  • T3: Skills (Star Program) assessment (September)
  • T4: Christmas Water-show (December)

Star 3 Requirements

  1. Alligator (Reverse Scull)
  2. Front Pike Position & Front Pike Pull-down
  3. Front Pike to Submerged Ballet Leg Double Position and Split Scull
  4. Front Flutter Kick, head up
  5. Modified Front Crawl, head up
  6. Eggbeater traveling sideways right & left
  7. Somersault Front Pike
  8. Kick-Pull, shoulders square, 4 right, 4 left, 4 alternating lead arm
  9. Routine Element – Eggbeater, Kick-Pull, Eggbeater sideways, Back Flutter kick, Alternate
  10. Sailboats traveling, Flower Pot position
  11. Routine Propulsion & Transitions – Flutter Kick, Backstroke & Kick-Pull
  12. Front Crawl for speed

Star 4 Requirements

  1. Ballet Leg Position
  2. Split
  3. Reverse Propeller
  4. Front Pike Position to Split Position 180 arc on the surface
  5. Split Position join to Vertical Position at ankle height
  6. Single Ballet Leg (Figure)
  7. Surface Prawn
  8. Routine Element – Kick Pull Kick Airplane, Somersault Front Pike to Submerged Ballet Leg

    Double, Split position, join to Vertical ankle height, Torpedo/Propeller, Eggbeater sideways

  9. Routine Propulsion & Transitions – shoulders square Kick-Pull, Kick-Pull-Kick- Over, Kick-Pull-Kick-Airplane, Front Layout, Pull-down
  10. Eggbeater Sideways for speed

Star 5 Requirements

  1. Inverted Tuck Position
  2. Bent Knee Vertical Position
  3. Flamingo Position
  4. Support Scull drill
  5. Support Scull in Table Top Position
  6. Boost – (no arms raised)
  7. Somersault Back Pike
  8. Kipnus
  9. Routine Element- Eggbeater forward, Side Flutter kick, Back Layout, Somersault Back Pike,Flowerpot Position
  10. Routine Propulsion & Transitions – Eggbeater forward, Front Flutter kick, Side Flutter, SideEggbeater, Side Eggbeater one arm 45, Side Flutter one arm vertical, Breaststroke, BackLayout
  11. Unders