Recreational Registration


New recreational members

New recreational members are required to register for membership with the club and Artistic Swimming Australia (ASAI).


  1. Please register the athlete selecting registration type Recreational – 1st term of Artistic Swimming since July – $27 and continue to payment.
  2. Continue to the “Classes” section and register athlete for a class. 
  3. An invoice will be sent after registration. 

Returning recreational members & Returning try out swimmers 

Returning recreational members are required to UPGRADE their ASAI Recreational membership to the next term fee of $27 PRIOR to attending class in week 1.


  1. Select the member  Login button on the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Enter the username provided in the initial registration email and the password you set.
  3. In the “Membership Status” box, select UPGRADE>
  4. Select the category to Upgrade to > 
  5. Select PREVIEW UPGRADE>.  The new fees will be displayed with an Amount Due.
  6. Complete any additional information requested (for a more comprehensive description of each field refer to the “How to Register Online” procedure).
  7. Accept the Terms of Registration.
  9. An invoice will be emailed for payment.  This can be paid online now by Visa or Mastercard or cash can be paid to the Club or State Association (refer to the payment instructions in “How to Register Online”).
  10. Continue to the “Classes” section and register athlete for a class. 
  11. An invoice will be sent after registration. 

 (PDF for detailed instruction)


If you don’t know your swimmer log in details, please email to