Recreational Stream

Requirements: To attend a training session once a week or more.
Opportunities: Depending on level and age of the swimmers, but swimmers can participate in the

end of term and other displays, compete at local inter-club, Star level competition, join the competitive program.

  • Beginners program
  • Intermediate program
  • Superstar program
  • Adults program
  • Pre-competitive program

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Competitive Stream

Requirements: To attend the required number of training sessions a week as determined by the coaching team.

Opportunities: To compete at the State and National level and, if certain results are achieved and approved by ASAI, also internationally.
The age groups are:

  • 12 & under – State Stream
  • 13–15 – State Stream
  • 12 & under – National Stream
  • 13–15 – National Stream
  • Junior (16 – 18) – National Stream
  • Open (11+) – National Stream
  • Master (18+)

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Sydney Emeralds is now a registered provider of the NSW Government’s Active Kids Program. Sydney Emeralds has multiple programs that will accept this voucher as payment including our Recreational Programs and the Competitive Programs.

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Learn why Ona Carbonell, one of the worlds most talented athletes, loves synchronised swimming. Thank you Rogue Creative for donating your time to make this inspiring video.